Tesla self driving cars may replace Uber taxis in future

Worldwide cars are used extensively for commuting to the workplace, for shopping, travel and other applications. Though they are expensive, cause traffic jams and pollution in larger cities, they are preferred by many vehicle buyers since they are far safer than other two-wheelers like scooters, motorcycles.

Though most large cities have public transport systems, cars are preferred when larger groups of people are traveling together. It is better to use a car, while shopping or traveling with luggage, since the cars have enough space for keeping the luggage, bags and other items.


Since cars are expensive not everyone can afford to purchase a car. In other cases, people do not want to invest in a car since they will not use it often, and there are expenses like insurance which have to be paid every year. So if they require a car to carry their luggage while traveling, or other items while shopping, they can hire a taxi (like taxi aeropuerto en monterrey).

The billing system for the taxi will vary depending on the country and place. In most countries taxis will usually charge the user based on the distance which is covered. However, in some places the taxis are charging a fixed amount based on the starting point and destination.

In larger metro cities, the rates charged by taxis are regulated by the local government authorities, while in smaller towns, especially tourist destinations the rates may be higher since there is no regulation. Before smartphones were used extensively, most people had to go to taxi stand to find a taxi on hire.

Alternately, they had their own private list of taxi drivers who they could contact on phone and book a ride to the destination specified. Hotels, guest houses, airports usually have taxi drivers associated with them. Some companies also offer self drive cars for those who do not wish to pay driver charges.


With the increase in the usage of smartphones, ride sharing apps like Uber have become extremely popular especially in large cities. Realizing that it is very inconvenient for the traveler to find a taxi offline, Uber and other similar apps, have made it possible to conveniently hire a taxi online to take them to the destination specified. Realizing that often only one person is traveling in the hired taxi, Uber has made it possible for multiple persons to share the taxi, reducing the taxi hire charges for the trip further. This has made Uber the preferred option in metro cities, since the cost of a trip is far lower than most taxis.

Due to the use of technology, the Uber drivers can get far more passengers, and make more money daily. This has made Uber a very popular option for many car owners who wish to supplement their income. The car owners can register their car with Uber and make money driving passengers to their destination. While some car owners are only working part time for Uber, others are working full time. There are some people who are investing in cars, which they lease to drivers, who cannot afford to purchase a car, yet wish to make money driving cars for Uber.


In addition to the initial investment in the car, the main expenses of the car driver are the fuel charges and car maintenance expenses. The Uber or taxi driver is usually paid depending on the distance he has covered, and the fuel consumed also depends on the distance, mileage of the car. So to maximize their profit, the car owner should reduce the fuel expenses to the extent possible, increasingly car owners are opting to purchase electric vehicles from Tesla and other companies. Since electricity is a renewable resource, the cost of running a Tesla car is far lower than a fuel vehicle

Tesla cars are using the latest technology and electronics, so they are far more expensive than conventional cars. So most Tesla car owners do not drive their car for Uber, since there is a risk that the passenger hiring the vehicle will damage the expensive vehicle. However, in some countries, taxi rental companies are using the Tesla cars since the expenses are lower. The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, claimed that the self driving cars of Tesla could be used as taxis, when the owner was not using them. However, this proposal has not been approved by the regulatory authorities.